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Sebastien Renauld

I have finally finished re-writing visually (more) pleasing code versions than the ones I used to break the Cue challenges, in a slightly different language: JavaScript.

If you're trying to do them, they're there:

All this is built on JS's Worker API, which means that if you're running IE... you're stuffed! Also, they're quite memory-hungry, especially the rabbit one - 2GB of RAM on the 12x12 grid due to Worker messages never being really GCed.

    The Colossal Cue Challenge

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    Sebastien Renauld

    Cue have had a Colossal challenge up for a while. I only stumbled on it yesterday, and had a lot of fun solving the challenges one after the other (still computing the solution to one of the challenges as we speak). The challenges start off in a very straightforward fashion, and quickly ramp up in difficulty, revisiting the past challenges.

    I will elaborate on a few solutions using this post. If you'd like to see what this is about, the link to the challenges is here. You will most definitely need:

    1. Access to a programming language interpreter or compiler (I chose PHP. Python and JS are particularly well-suited)
    2. Some maths background (CSci helps)
    3. Patience

    Overall, these were extremely fun, and actually thought-provoking (for once!), especially the last couple - how can you make the initial code run in an extreme solution?

      Intro & A quick primer on how to JSONP-ify APIs that do not support it

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      Sebastien Renauld

      Welcome to this blog!

      I'm still building this website, but will attempt to regularly update this blog with the latest news, some how-tos, reactions over the seemingly recurrent StackOverflow bugs (a great indicator of what programmers struggle with, of sorts), primers on slightly shadier parts of web development (purely for information purposes and in an effort to put a spotlight on malpractices), and general code-fu.

      The first article will deal with remote APIs and something, I think, we've all hit our heads against: how to break JavaScript remote calls (AJAX being one of them) out of the same-domain-origin sandbox...and what to do when none of these situations apply. On the menu:

      1. A quick primer on AJAX (native and jQuery examples)
      2. The nature and role of cross-origin sandboxing: CSRF hack-fu
      3. JSONP - or how to break out... with some conditions
      4. What to do when JSONP is not supported by the endpoint
      5. Data proxying - introducing reScrape

      Read on!